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A Tax Credit for Only One Taxpayer? Is Something Wrong?
A Tax Credit for Only One Taxpayer? Is Something Wrong?

The Nebraska Legislature decided to redo how taxpayers owning equipment used to generate electrical power with wind are taxed. When they did so, they added a tax credit for amounts paid as personal property tax by wind generators in 2008, but the state had only one such ...

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Blog posts in March, 2012

  • Domina Law Group Awarded the 2012 Roger Baldwin Civil Libertarian of the Year Award

    Roger Baldwin believed fervently that freedom, embodied particularly in the first eight (8) Amendments to the Constitution of the United States, ...

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  • Michigan Court for Appeals Reverses Lower Court - Rules for Businessmen

    Last month, Wayne County Circuit Judge Prentiss Edwards imprisoned Manual “Matty” Moroun and Dan Stamper, the Directors of Detroit International ...

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  • Domina Law Group's Producers Livestock Corp.- Client Wins Important 8th Circuit Decision

    The controversy started typically, and innocently, for Producers Livestock Corporation , a commercial lender to persons engaged in production ...

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