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Making Free Enterprise Fair

People in the business know that producing beef is tough. Cattle markets are highly concentrated. Producers have big challenges when it is time to go to market. Markets require competition to thrive. This only happens when the competition is fair and "free enterprise" means a fair market, responsibly regulated against abuse by big players. Big business does not like this message. It prefers to have its own way with producers. Big packers, big banks, big chainstores… they do not pick on someone their own size!

So, cattle producers, and others in agriculture need us. Why? We work hard to make the law level the field of competition, reduce the big company advantage, and get to fairness. At Domina Law Group, we help victims of the bad behaviors by others… large and small… who affect the cattle industry. We fight market abusers, bad feed producers, negligent consultants or professionals, and crooks who lie, cheat or steal to beat our clients out of what they are owed, or own.

Cattle and livestock law can be highly complex. From banking complexities, to packinghouse regulations, and from interstate, or international transportation, to product recalls, we handle cases few know how to handle.

We speak the language.

Whether it's cattle, cows, or bulls, yearlings, springers or calves, we can figure it out. Try that out on your average city lawyer. And, while you are making your decision, pass the steak sauce.

Cases handled include:

  • Fires and explosions in confinement buildings
  • Disease and destroyed productivity
  • Toxicity and toxins
  • Genetics and genetic errors
  • Environmental concerns related to CAFO's
  • Water use and Water rights
  • Errors, mis-installations, or other issues with equipment used in livestock or crop production
  • Crop injuries
  • Herbicide injuries
  • Pesticide injuries
  • Personal injuries to persons working with livestock and injured by fumes, fires, explosions, entanglements, rotating shafts, missing shields, defective safety warnings, and other claims
  • Suits for "nuisance" conditions produced by livestock operations, including why and what to do when injured.

Herds of all kinds—cattle, hogs, and sheep—face special vulnerabilities. We handle bovine, porcine, equine, and poultry cases for cattlemen, hog producers, horse people, broiler and turkey producers, or agriculture in general. We have built a reputation for knowing how the industry works and the problems producers' experience.

Cattle Health Issues

Farmers and ranchers cannot profit if their cattle are sick. Unhealthy cattle cost farmers millions of dollars each year. Unfortunately, in many instances cattle become sick at no fault of the farmers. Investigations can often reveal the cattle became sick or contaminated because of bad feed, defective vaccines and other acts of negligence. If your cattle became ill and you are unsure as to why, Domina Law Group can investigate. Listed below are some of the most common causes of cattle illness.


This is a condition particularly found in cattle with imbalanced lactic acid in their stomachs. Healthy cows will produce just as much lactic acid as they use. This keeps the acid in balance. In the case of acidosis, there is a buildup of acid. Typically the cause is poor nutrition and even contaminated feed. Your cattle may have acidosis if they appear lethargic, have diarrhea, are salivating or otherwise look uncomfortable or aggravated.


This stands for Bovine Viral Diarrhea virus and it significantly impacts the growth of cattle. The growth rate of cows with BVD compared to healthy cows is much lower. This disease often can go undetected, which is astounding considering the fact that around 80 percent of all cattle in the U.S. have been exposed to this condition. Experts estimate this condition causes farmers and ranchers around $2 billion annually.

Bad Vaccines

Sadly enough, the vaccines farmers believe will immunize their cattle to certain diseases in some cases actually causes more harm than good. Bad vaccines can spread costly diseases to cattle which can make them sickly or even kill them.

Poor Nutrition

Cattle feeders typically feed livestock corn and other grain mixtures, but feed with mycotoxins, aflatoins or zearalanone in it can be deadly to cattle. Bad feed can kill profits for a farmer. Our firm suggests farmers only purchase feed by way of written contracts. These contracts can financially protect farmers if they purchase bad feed that harms their cattle.


This condition is a type of a cattle breast infection. When utters become inflamed, it is because bacteria has infected them. This is one of the most common cattle diseases in the United States. Although it is more common for mastitis to infect dairy cattle, it can infect beef cattle as well. This can decrease fertility and hurt reproduction.

Stray Voltage

Damaged grounding devices or improper wiring can lead to stray voltage cattle issues. Many ranches have electrical fences installed by outside contractors. Power companies may be responsible for improperly-wired voltage if it harmed your cattle.

Helping You Recover Financial Losses

If any of the above or a similar issue plagues your farm and your cattle, get in touch with Domina Law Group today. We have helped farmers recover millions for profits lost at no fault of their own. We are passionate about the agricultural industry and passionate that our clients' stories are heard. If you suffered financial losses because of the negligence of another party, please don't hesitate to contact cattle lawyers at our firm today!

Trial Lawyers With Branding, and Slaughter Experience

Here are some cattle cases we ran through the chute:

  • False price reporting
  • Failure to deliver
  • Nutrition
  • Breach of contract
  • Packer antitrust
  • Fraud and deceit
  • Bankruptcy
  • Negligence

Since we ran into cattlemen from Kansas, Montana and Idaho holding hot checks for cattle shipped away, nearly 40 years ago, we have stared down dozens of people who tried to take our cattle clients. We usually win. Not always of course. But, we put up a tenacious, but smart, fight! We do not turn away cases because they are complicated. We thrive on them.

Professional Leverage For Your Case

Our cattle cases range from bank failures related to cattle fraud scams, to the largest cattle fraud Ponzi scheme in the United States, to feed-induced herd destructions, and lien priority disputes. We have arranged credit bailouts, loan workouts, as well as bankruptcy organization for producers affected by market, disease or fraud complications. We can handle your agriculture problem. We know the language, and we have walked the path before.

Whether the problem involves Board positions, forward contracts, bad feed, equipment failures, or genetics issues—our Nebraska trial attorneys can help. Contact us today. 


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