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    "There aren't enough words to express the gratitude!"
    Mr. Domina & firm, there aren't enough words (or space in this blog) to express the gratitude to you all for the excellent way you handled (along with our great PR) the tragic (preventable) explosion and death that resulted to a wonderful brother whom we miss every day. No amount of money could ever replace him, but I hope and pray that future such accidents/deaths have been prevented; and no other family has to endure the pain of the suffering and loss of someone so dear. This wasn't the first time you helped our family thru tragic times; I am still forever grateful for all of your expert help to our oldest brother years ago in his time of need.
    - Client
    "They guided me through the entire process"
    I was in trouble. I was being sued for more money than I'd probably ever make in my lifetime, but Brian Jorde and Christian Williams at Domina Law got to work, calmed me down, and guided me through the entire process. The kept me from panicking even during the worst moments of the pre-trial process of being sued and were always on top of the legal process itself. When all was said and done, the damage to my bank account (and future earnings) was a fraction of what it might have been without them.
    "They are ready to help you in your worst hour"
    Domina Law Group has an excellent team of lawyers ready to help you in your worst hour... especially when the legal matter involves family and is complicated. Your attorney(s) will go beyond your expectation and provide the expertise for an outcome you only dreamed. I know.
    "I highly recommend Domina Law Group"
    Domina Law Group attorneys fight for their clients. They do the research. They know the case and the case law. The attorneys are very effective in and out of court. I highly recommend Domina Law Group.
    "Dave Domina and Brian Jorde are excellent attorneys"
    I was represented by the Domina Law Group. Both Dave Domina and Brian Jorde are excellent attorneys who are working very hard on my case. I am an attorney so I know how great they are. Don't hesitate to hire them.
    "Highly recommend Brian and his Team!"
    Brian took the time to evaluate my situation and executed a plan that lead to me getting the results that I desired in a professional manner. Highly recommend Brian and his Team!
    "He took the time to learn our business"
    Mr. Jorde and staff were polite, considerate, and professional. He took the time to learn our business to properly represent us, listened, asked the difficult questions, and provided common sense guidance.
    Brian took my case coming from another Omaha Law Firm. He was efficient, honest and professional from start to finish. Brian brought my case to an end and was the #1 priority I came to him for. Highly recommended.
    "I want to thank each of you for all your work"
    To Mr. Domina & Staff, I want to thank each of you for all your work and the professional way you have handled the wrongful death settlement, and other matters of my brother. I really would rather have him back with us than any amount of money. I know you put in many hours of hard work, and all that you have done is appreciated very much.
    "Can’t thank you, your staff and all your helpers enough through this emotional, hurtful situation."
    Domina Law, Can’t thank you, your staff and all your helpers enough through this emotional, hurtful situation. Please thank everyone for me and let them know how much their time and help is appreciated. Thank you again.
    "Thank you for the prompt & professional handling of the estate and wrongful death of my brother."
    Mr. Domina & Staff, Thank you for the prompt & professional handling of the estate and wrongful death of my brother. Our family will forever miss our dear brother and mourn the horrible pain & suffering he endured with the loss of his life. We are grateful for your services & pleased with the competency in which is was handled.
    The legal landscape can be difficult and confusing. Mr. Williams and Mr. Domina patiently provided respectful, honest, and professional recommendations at every step of the process. They treated me with the highest regard, listened to my concerns, upheld my confidentiality, and were always available for any question I had. I am grateful for their guidance and for their successful representation.
    - Client
    I worked with Brian Jorde and Ryan Greenwood. They started my case about 3years ago and helped me through a very hard long process. I would recommend them! They are very professional and respectful! They were responsive and kept me in the looo the whole way! Their hard work and dedication and time will forever be appreciated! Looking for a lawyer? Check them out! No bad experience through the 3years I worked with them! Thank you Domina Law and especially Brian and Ryan!
    - A.G
    Called Domina Law and left a message about a concern for my business. Within 24 hours Mr. Christian Williams had contacted me back, within the next couple days he had answered all my questions and we had a resolution to my problem. Great service and highly recommend Domina Law!
    - Chad C.
    Brian Jorde helped us in our long journey and throughout the entire process of our case. We are happy with the results. If I need a lawyer in the future I would work with them without thinking. I am very grateful for the work they have done. The experience that I've had with this firm has been excellent for the professionalism and honesty that they treated me with. They were in contact with me every step of the way.
    - Stacy
    Brian Jorde and the Domina Law Team are exceptional! We couldn't have imagined using another attorney to help guide us, lead us, and represent us. 5 stars are not enough for the work of Brian Jorde.
    Brian is an extremely professional and considerate attorney. He is also one of the most intelligent and caring people I have ever met and will listen to his client's needs and provide the most out-standing guidance along the way.
    - Lori H.
    I first contacted David Domina about helping me to resolve a very troubling issue. He carefully listened to my situation and gave me the confidence to believe in humanity and my self-worth again. I worked with David Domina and Christian Williams until my case could be brought to trial. Christian Williams represented me at trial and his handling of my lawsuit was absolutely outstanding. His professionalism and conduct during all of our meetings, communications, coaching and conduct during this trial was of the highest standards possible. I don’t know how I can say enough to express my gratitude for Domina Law’s help during this stressful period in my life.
    - Dan Goodkind
    A group in our community had the pleasure of working with Brian Jorde of Domina Law. I cannot speak highly enough about how great the experience was. Brian is honest, trustworthy, and someone I would highly recommend as an attorney. Winning our case was the icing on the cake.
    - Dana Cotter
    We needed help defending our property and rural High School against the siting of an industrial poultry facility. Domina law was the only one on our list to take on this corporate giant. We were lucky enough to have Brian Jorde representing us. Since it took place mostly during the pandemic, Brian made this easy for us through zoom meetings and absorbed every detail from a pretty large group at times. We felt like we were his only clients. You will not find a better law group in midwest and beyond.
    - Jory
    Brian Jorde was the key figure in our win! He met with our group regularly and prepared a case that was strategic, detailed and insightful. His knowledge of the law and courtroom procedures were difference makers in this case. I'm truly convinced that without him leading "the charge", our decision by the judge may have resulted in a different outcome. I can't say enough about his performance in the courtroom as well as the advance preparation needed to gain the desired results of a win. If you're looking for an attorney to fight for what's right, Brian Jorde and Domina Law is the group you need to hire.
    - Harriet Gould
    Christian Williams and all his support folks, especially Susan, provided excellent service and top-notch communication as we moved through the process of obtaining guardianship/conservatorship of my granddaughters.
    - Sandi Dawson