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Meet the lawyers who will be working on your case. With more than 60 years of collective trial experience, we have much to offer you, including awards, accolades and nominations that cannot be matched.

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At Domina Law Group we are fortunate to work on fascinating and compelling legal problems and lawsuits that change laws and affect our country – Media across the US and across the borders agree. Read stories and watch videos of our cases and with our lawyers.

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Our firm has a reputation as leaders in complex litigation.

Get the best result possible by partnering with us.

Our legal skills have been utilized in some of the most specialized and complicated cases. These cases were often referred to us by other professionals in the field. We honor and respect lawyers and other professionals who choose to refer complex cases to our law firm.

We have paid millions in fees to our co-counsel. Call us.

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Over $2 Billion

in Verdicts & Settlements

Our Case Results
  • Multi-Million Dollar
    Judgments in 11 States
  • 450 + Jury Trials
    to Verdict
  • 260 + State & Federal
    Appeals Argued
  • 2 Constitutional
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We Are Trial Lawyers -
Legal Surgeons

Our operating theater is a courtroom.
We don’t talk about going to court,
we try cases!

Who We Are
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Fees That Fit!

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  • We
    Stand Out
  • We Don't Charge
    by the Hour
  • If You Don't Win,
    We Don't Earn a Fee
David Domina
Trial is legal surgery, the narrowest specialty, and it requires unique skills. Our clients want our service and hope they never need it again- like surgery!

Nationwide Trial Lawyers

Trial Practice. Not Just Talk.

Few have been in court more than we. Few have presented cases so diverse. None understand better that attention, focus, serious questions, demanding logic, and analysis will make your case. Mere friendships will not. Mere connections will not.

Your legal dispute matters and you can't do it alone. What does your case look like 2 or 3 years from now? To forecast the outcome of your case, you have to have tried cases to jury verdicts or judgment many times.

Our law firm is built upon the foundation of one of the most active trial practices in the nation. We filter legal solutions to your problems through unparalleled trial experience and results. Even if your case requires no trial, if you do not have a lawyer who has looked into the eyes of a jury and understands the trial from A to Z, you are at a disadvantage.

The methods, strategies, and philosophy of our firm and our legal practice are unlike any other in the country. Domina Law Group thinks differently, negotiates differently, presents cases differently and we are not afraid to fight for our clients. Our record of consistent success and national recognition prove our methods work for our clients and drive results.

While other firms shy away from trial and complex litigation, we thrive on it. We make your most critical issues our own, and we won’t back down until justice is secured. You need someone at your side who truly understands what it’s like to represent someone whose life has been forever changed by a terrible accident or who has lost a loved one. You need an attorney who is not only willing, but able to try your case in court and do it effectively. At Domina Law Group, that is what we are all about. For us, Trial Practice is Not Just Talk. Trial lawyers—real ones—don’t talk about it. We do it.

Why Choose Domina Law Group?

Our operating theater is the courtroom. We stand up and stand out. Our experience with legal complexities across all areas of the law from agricultural to wrongful death and from criminal cases to water law and everywhere in between shape our analysis and approach. We highlight our awards, recognition and excellent case results to help you understand our abilities and to help you see that we are much more than capable lawyers. If your legal challenge is important to you – we are the firm you need.
  • We Create Solutions
  • We Respect The Process
  • We Trust Juries
  • We Make a Difference
With Domina Law Group, you can be confident your case will be brought to a successful conclusion with passion, dedication, & skill.
For information about a specific practice area of our firm, or about the legal services we provide, contact Domina Law Group today.
Who We Are

Legal Surgeons Learn More

Legal Surgeons

Throughout our many years of experience, we have handled a variety of cases, worked within many legal fields, and represented clients from all walks of life. The diversity of our cases and clients served is unparalleled. We have been in courts all across the nation filled with judges and jurors who did not share the same thoughts, opinions or outlook on life. As legal surgeons, we use our unique skills and precision to connect to others in court on the basis of truth. We do so through:

  • Precise focus and thorough case preparation
  • Surgical focus on the big picture while not overlooking details
  • Persevering effort, hard work and determination
  • Clear and strong presentation of your case

Our versatility, experience and precision creates compelling courtroom stories:

  • Our work takes us from border to border and coast to coast. Our cases range from computer installations to corn crops and from fraud to food processing.
  • In every case to best serve the interests, needs and goals of those we represent - we focus on the law, the facts and our clients’ goals.
  • We do not bend on ethics. We do not bow to politics. We do not trade on connections. We believe in trying cases on the merits and rely on our skills and experience not our relationships.
  • Our willingness to take risks on cases we believe in is surpassed by no one. We will work with a client in need on a worthy case to achieve the best result possible.

As trial lawyers, legal surgeons and genuine people intent on finding solutions, we can supply the best legal care possible and ultimately achieve the results our clients need

Success On Your Side Learn More

Success On Your Side

Be confident when choosing Domina Law Group for your legal needs. Working on our cases and getting the results our clients need, we will always take pride in our previous accomplishments, awards and the widespread recognition of our efforts and skills as lawyers.

Meaningful Case Results & Experience

  • More than 450 trials to verdict
  • Hundreds of cases settled while in trial
  • More than 260 argued state and federal appeals
  • Cases tried across the US
  • Multi-million dollar judgments in 11 states
  • Life altering criminal defenses, including nine of nine homicide acquittals
  • More than $2 Billion in verdicts and settlements
  • Thousands of cases settled favorably for clients

Our work helps clients. The law expands and adapts as time and society changes. We work with current laws; we challenge laws that aren't working, and our legal work creates and leads to new laws – we are grateful for our clients who allow us this privilege. As lawyers, when positive change is affected for your client you have done your job well. When you can affect positive change on the law and improve the lives of those beyond your client you have accomplished something most never do.

One case, one decision, can positively affect the lives of countless others – this is what we live for and this is what we do.

We are proud of our meaningful and impactful case results and are committed to building upon them.

  • Wrongful death crash with military vehicle
  • First impression product liability claims
  • International profile litigation involving the nation's busiest commercial border crossing
  • Defense of a church employer following sexual scandal by staff
  • International war crimes criminal defense
  • Largest cattle rustling case in US history

Professional Leverage Learn More

Professional Leverage

Our firm helps those who have been taken advantage of and who are fighting opponents bigger, better funded, and more politically connected. For clients, our firm is a tool that helps level the playing field in the courtroom.

The legal system is uncertain, and it should be. This keeps anyone from getting an edge. At Domina Law Group, we make a difference by working to gain the edge in a way that is ethical, strong and supported by truth. For example:

  • Someone can always out-spend, out-staff and out-glitz the next person
  • Our job is to out-think them. We have no fear of losing, and this permits us to succeed
  • We have no respect for those who trade on power and connections. The law is for all, equally
  • When the process works, the beggar and the billionaire are the same size in court
  • This philosophy has led to our murder acquittals, our billion dollar verdict, our multiple tens of millions of dollar verdicts and our contributions to the evolving law

Part of what makes America a great country is the right to trial by jury. This right can allow even the smallest person to go head to head with the biggest and most powerful in the world. It gives them a chance for their voice to be heard and for justice to be achieved for them and for others that follow. We know this chance increases when clients choose the correct law firm - a law firm capable of building their cases in a way that gives the client the best opportunity for achieving success.

At Domina Law Group, this is what you get. When you choose us to support you to build your case and present your story, you can be confident that we will be as excited about your case and challenges on day one as we are at completion.

Our leverage makes a difference in early negotiations with powerful multi-billion dollar corporations and insurance companies. They know our reputation; we fight aggressively and intelligently; we are always active and always by our clients side. Our reputation is clear. We have been able to extract value out of our client's cases earlier and at more lucrative amounts than other firms.

High Profile & Groundbreaking Cases

We have worked on numerous high-visibility public controversies across the country.

Our goals in these large cases reflect our goals in less complex cases. Our focus is to help clients, improve and develop laws and to make positive differences in as many lives as we can. Some of our high profile cases include:

  • Pipe Landowner rights and environment battles over the TransCanada Keystone XL pipeline
  • The only 2 impeachments in the 92 year history of Nebraska's current constitution
  • Defense of a national spotlight kidnapping
  • Billion dollar antitrust verdict on behalf of national cattle producers
  • Airplane crash case leading to increased national safety standards
  • Service to bank officials targeted by the federal government after failures
  • Service to customers victimized by failed banks
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Practice Areas

Custom Legal Solutions

Our versatility is critical to your success.

Trial lawyers cannot have only one style. When we act as the voice and leveling mechanism for clients whose opponents have more money, connections, or power, we do so organically, intimately and on a personally constructed basis. We offer unique custom legal solutions to all our clients. The facts are clear:
  • Few have been in court more.
  • Few have presented cases as diverse.
  • Few have achieved the results.
Our firm’s attention, focus, serious questions, demanding logic, and analysis will make your case. Friendship, power and connections do not. We develop solutions. We look at the big picture. We are focused on the ultimate goals and needs of our clients. Our Nebraska trial lawyers achieve results using our skills and precision as legal surgeons.

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Our lawyers are frequently featured in the news media as authorities in their fields. We believe this is a natural result of what we do day in and day out. We are trial lawyers who get the job done. We thrive on complex, high-profile cases throughout the U.S. We care about what matters most to you.

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