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10 Facts About
10 Facts About "Farmer's Cancer"

Throughout their days at work, farmers come in contact with a myriad of chemicals, some completely harmless while others pose a potentially devastating risk. Following a 2015 cancer investigation by the World Health Organization (WHO), the organization reported that “Roundup ...

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Blog posts in May, 2016

  • Johnson & Johnson Sued By Two States over Pelvic Mesh

    California and Washington state have filed lawsuits accusing Johnson & Johnson of failing to adequately warn patients and doctors about the side ...

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  • Volkswagen Emission Scandal Case Nearing Settlement

    Settlement negotiations are currently in progress, and the judge has enforced a June 21, 2016 deadline for the parties to come to a settlement. The ...

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  • What Does It Mean When Something Is "Probably Carcinogenic"?

    News outlets have spent years covering carcinogens, claiming that everything from oral sex to soup will cause cancer. What doesn’t get touched on as ...

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  • Farmers Say Roundup Caused Cancer, David Domina Featured in Courthouse News

    Monsanto may claim that its weed killer Roundup is “ safe enough to drink ,” but four Nebraska farmers are saying the product gave them non-Hodgkin’s ...

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  • Semi-Truck Tires: The Dangers of Retreading, Overheating, & Improper Tire Pressure

    There are several issues that can arise with a semi-truck, including problems with the tires. Much like tires for passenger vehicles, the semi-truck ...

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  • City of Los Angeles To Pay $23.7 Million Over Death Caused by Dangerous Intersection

    A jury recently found the city of Los Angeles primarily responsible for a fatal collision that occurred three years ago. Three years ago, a ...

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  • $44.1 Million in Medical Malpractice, Brain Injury Case

    Failure to recognize patient’s adverse reaction to heparin results in brain hemorrhage, $44.1 million medical malpractice verdict. Heparin is a common ...

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