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City of Los Angeles To Pay $23.7 Million Over Death Caused by Dangerous Intersection


A jury recently found the city of Los Angeles primarily responsible for a fatal collision that occurred three years ago.

Three years ago, a motorcyclist was killed after hitting a car that had inched from a site street into traffic in the Los Angeles community of San Pedro. Yesterday, a jury ruled that the city of Los Angeles was responsible for the fatality because the intersection was dangerous by design. The motorcyclist's widow and young son were awarded $23.7 million.

This is a “significant judgment against the city,” commented an attorney involved in the case, adding that it was likely so large because the plaintiff's attorneys were able to show that city officials planned on modifying the intersection to improve visibility twice, in 2001 and 2009, demonstrating that the city knew about the inherent dangers of the intersection.

According to that same attorney, San Pedro residents had been complaining about that intersection for years, calling it a “blind corner” that the city did nothing to remedy. Drivers waiting on Cabrillo to turn left onto Summerland had a difficult time seeing if it was safe to turn, given the many cars parked on the street and a hill impeding visibility. In the end, the jury agreed, finding the city 95% liable for the motorcyclist's death.

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