Domina Law Group Awarded the 2012 Roger Baldwin Civil Libertarian of the Year Award

Domina Law Group Awarded the 2012 Roger Baldwin Civil Libertarian of the Year Award

Roger Baldwin believed fervently that freedom, embodied particularly in the first eight (8) Amendments to the Constitution of the United States, cannot defend itself, but deserves to be defended. Baldwin knew that often times freedom’s defense involves unpopular positions, because those who exercise the right to be free often run with a minority crowd.

Freedom of speech, even when expressed by students seeking to honor a friend, can require defense of basic liberties. When an eastern Nebraska school district refused to allow students to wear memorial arm bands and t-shirts to honor their murdered friend and football star because there was some faint, late claim that he might have had a gang connection, a lawsuit was necessary to protect freedom of speech.

Roger Baldwin would have done it, so Domina Law Group pc llo did it. The firm supported the Kuhr family in its desire to vindicate the First Amendment right of the family members to raise money to help defray funeral expenses for a classmate and friend who was beloved at school, successful in athletics, and revered by his friends.

At a March 2012 dinner, the Nebraska Chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union honored the family for its courage at standing up for their friend, and Domina Law Group pc llo for standing up for the Kuhrs.

Accepting the award, Brian Jorde called the young Kuhr family members the “real heroes” for standing up for freedom. He accepted the Baldwin Award, noting that defense of a cherished constitutional right is the greatest honor a lawyer can have.

Trial in this case will commence in Federal Court in Omaha on April 10, 2012

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