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Recent Posts in Product Liability Category

Dakota Access Pipeline Leaked Approximately 84 Gallons in South Dakota

The South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources posted a report stating that the Dakota Access Pipeline had leaked approximately 84 gallons on oil in early April. However, they did ...

4 Side Effects Linked to IVC Filters

Inferior Vena Cava (IVC) filters are small cone-shaped devices deigned to catch an embolism, or a blood clot that has broken off from a deep vein in the legs before it reaches the lungs or heart. The ...

Why Are Babies Born With Cleft Palates?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that about 4,440 infants are born with a cleft lip in the United States every year, and 2,650 are born with a cleft palate. Cleft palates ...

Johnson & Johnson Sued By Two States over Pelvic Mesh

California and Washington state have filed lawsuits accusing Johnson & Johnson of failing to adequately warn patients and doctors about the side effects associated with its pelvic mesh implants. ...

What Does It Mean When Something Is "Probably Carcinogenic"?

News outlets have spent years covering carcinogens, claiming that everything from oral sex to soup will cause cancer. What doesn’t get touched on as often are the different classifications of ...

Farmer's Widow Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Monsanto Over Roundup Glyphosate

The widow of a California farmer has filed a wrongful death action against Monsanto that alleges the company knew glyphosate (the main ingredient in Roundup weed killer) could cause cancer and other ...

McDonald's Hot Coffee Lawsuit & The Facts Many Missed

A recent video produced by the New York Times – Woman Burned by McDonald's Hot Coffee, Then the News Media – details the story of Stella Liebeck, the 79-year-old woman who filed a ...

Does Pepsi Cause Cancer? One Lawsuit Claims PepsiCo Failed to Disclose Carcinogen

A woman from Orange County, California has filed a lawsuit against PepsiCo claiming that the soft drink company failed to disclose a carcinogenic ingredient in their product Pepsi One. Pepsi's ...

Gator Utility Vehicles by John Deere Recalled

John Deere Co.’s problems with its Gator Utility Vehicle, continues. In January, the company recalled Gators because they pose a fire hazard. A press release by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety ...

Jury's Verdicts Mean $2+ Million Benefit for Domina Law Group pc llo Client

When the Morrill County, Nebraska, jury returned its verdicts on November 20, the jury corrected improper acts committed by a business seller against a buyer nearly a decade ago. Gary’s ...

Chrysler Appellate Briefs Filed

Domina Law Group pc llo 's extensive trial practice takes it to the appellate courts routinely. The Firm, despite its small size, has logged more than 200 appellate court appearances. Among the ...

DaimlerChrysler Break-Shift Interlock Case Proceeds

David Domina and Claudia Stringfield-Johnson completed preparations for the Court's scheduled January 19, 2006, Pretrial Conference in a major product liability case against DaimlerChrysler ...

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