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Blog Posts in January, 2015

Domina & Jorde to Hold Informational Meetings on Water Issues and Syngenta Corn Lawsuits

A series of informational meetings held by Domina Law Group's Dave Domina and Brian Jorde allow farmers and ranchers throughout Nebraska to get the facts from experienced agriculture lawyers. ...

Jorde Appears Again on The Ed Show, This Time to Discuss Property Rights

Attorney Brian Jorde was featured again on MSNBC's "The Ed Show," this time to discuss the role of property rights in the Keystone XL battle. "[Keystone XL] is a colossal financial ...

Brian Jorde Discusses Keystone XL on MSNBC's "The Ed Show"

“What the President does is irrelevant to what we’re doing here in Nebraska. He could say ‘yes’ tomorrow and our challenges would still go on.” – Brian Jorde Brian ...

China's 2014 Corn Imports Down More Than 20 Percent From Year Prior

Recent customs data has revealed that China's corn imports from 2014 were down 20.4 percent from the year before, due to the country's rejection of U.S. corn contaminated by GMOs. China is the ...

Brian Jorde to Appear on MSNBC's "The Ed Show" This Evening

Ed Schultz of MSNBC's "The Ed Show" sat down to talk with Attorney Brian Jorde. Below are some pictures from their interview. Be sure to watch for Jorde on The Ed Show today at 5pm EST!

Dave Domina Featured in Vice to Discuss Keystone XL Lawsuit

Dave Domina was featured yesterday in an article that appeared in Vice to discuss TransCanada, eminent domain, and the possible implications of a pipeline for Nebraska landowners. TransCanada is ...

Domina Law Group's Legal Battle with TransCanada Makes Front Page of NYT

As the pipeline controversy gains national attention, so too does the legal battle in Nebraska spearheaded by Domina Law Group and KXL holdouts. The eyes of the nation are on the Keystone XL pipeline ...

TransCanada Files Easement Papers, Domina Responds

Attorney Dave Domina was interviewed by Washington Post reporter Reid Wilson to discuss TransCanada, Keystone XL, and eminent domain. Of all the states that TransCanada's Keystone XL pipeline is ...

Domina Law Group Sues TransCanada Over KXL Route

Just a week after three Nebraska Supreme Court justices chose to sit the decision out and prevent an affirmative ruling on the unconstitutionality of LB 1161, Domina Law Group filed dual lawsuits ...

Domina Law Group Clients Follow Supreme Court Lead: New Suits to Stop TransCanada KXL

Dave Domina and Brian Jorde filed two new lawsuits in Nebraska to stop TransCanada from taking land from Nebraska farmers and ranchers for its KXL Pipeline. The suits were filed Friday in Holt and ...

"The Ball Is in TransCanada's Court" Brian Jorde Discusses Future of KXL in KMTV Interview

In the days following the Nebraska Supreme Court's indecision that was a decision, Brian Jorde says that the ball is now in TransCanada's court. "If we've come this far you've got ...

Landowners Win 4-0 on Question of Constitutionality - Yet Cloud of Uncertainty Remains on Keystone XL in Nebraska

On Friday January 9, 2015, the Nebraska Supreme Court's long anticipated decision on our landowner client lawsuit challenging LB 1161, a law empowering the Governor's grant of eminent domain ...

NPR's Melissa Block Interviews Attorney Brian Jorde on Nebraska's Keystone XL Pipeline Ruling

Although President Obama has already announced plans to veto any legislation approving the Keystone XL pipeline, the Senate is still set to vote on the issue. How does the Supreme Court ruling in ...

Nebraska Supreme Court Announces a "Tie" in Keystone XL Case

Today the Nebraska Supreme Court announced an historic "tie". In a case affecting the potential construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline by TransCanada, a foreign corporation seeking to ...

Farmers Taking Action and Joining GMO Corn Seed Lawsuit

Hundreds of farmers throughout the United States have joined forces and filed suit against Swiss company Syngenta over genetically modified (GMO) corn seed. The suit alleges that Syngenta failed to ...

International Border Crossings & Landowners

International border crossing legal issues are pretty rare, and pretty arcane. When they come up, they can be especially important to landowners, international trade and relations, domestic commerce ...

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