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China's 2014 Corn Imports Down More Than 20 Percent From Year Prior

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Recent customs data has revealed that China's corn imports from 2014 were down 20.4 percent from the year before, due to the country's rejection of U.S. corn contaminated by GMOs.

China is the second largest importer of U.S. corn, which is why its ban on all imports from the U.S. was such a blow to U.S. corn farmers and producers. Consequently, Ukraine made up ground. Ukraine's corn exports rose last year a whopping 785 percent so that the country is now exporting nearly 1 million tons of corn annually, coming in second next to the U.S.

China imports half of the world's corn, and nearly half of their 2014 imports came from Ukraine. China did eventually lift the ban on U.S. corn imports, but not before rejecting more than 1.2 million tons of corn. A slew of lawsuits filed against Syngenta claim that the company sold GMO corn seed to U.S. farmers before getting approval from China. Consequently, U.S. corn farmers and producers are claiming substantial financial losses.

It is also important to note that, although China has approved Syngenta's GMO Viptera corn, industry experts do not expect China's corn imports to increase in 2015.

Are you a corn farmer or producer? All corn farmers and producers in the United States may be entitled to financial compensation whether they planted Syngenta brand corn or not. Because of cross-pollination, China initially rejected all U.S. corn, not just corn grown with the Syngenta seed.

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