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Read the Court Order for Our Trial Victory Blocking Permit for Proposed Poultry Farm Near Raymond Central School


Domina Law Group is pleased to announce that we have secured a major trial victory.

Following a weeklong trial in May, Attorney Brian Jorde and Domina Law prevailed in getting a Lancaster District Court Judge to deny a special permit to build a large broiler chicken facility on farmland near the Raymond Central Junior-Senior High School. Although the permit had been denied by the Lancaster County Board in November 2019, Sunset Poultry and owners of the land where the facility was to be built appealed the decision to the trial court.

Fortunately, Domina Law was able to defeat that appeal.

The latest ruling to deny the permit is a welcomed victory for our clients and the families who live, work, and attend school in the area. It means that plans to construct eight large concentrated animal feeding facilities at the proposed location will not move forward.

Domina Law would like to thank our courageous clients for allowing us to help them fight for their community and for all their assistance helping to prepare an effective and successful case. Their passion and commitment to this case over the past two years was a major component of our success.

Read the full Sunset Poultry court order here.