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Attorney Christian Williams Secures $276K Jury Award for Former Exec’s Unpaid Bonuses


Attorney Christian T. Williams of Domina Law Group prevailed in securing a $276,000 jury trial verdict for a former executive who claimed he wasn’t paid quarterly bonuses as promised.

As reported by The Lincoln Journal Star, Mr. Williams’ client was a senior executive officer at CapStone Technologies, a company that makes robotic and software products for mail-handling operations. Following his termination in January 2019, the former exec filed a lawsuit against CapStone alleging that he was told his bonus compensation would not be paid.

In the suit, Attorney Christian Williams claimed CapStone breached its contract by failing to pay our client a bonus of 1.5% of quarterly revenue, minus revenue associated with the company’s Advanced Technical Services. Mr. Williams’ client served as CapStone’s president from 2014 to 2019, when its non-ATS business revenue increased from roughly $1 million to $10 million annually.

Prior to Mr. Williams’ trial victory, CapStone attorneys disputed the lawsuit, arguing that the offer letter was not an employment agreement and that his client was never paid bonus compensation because he didn’t make any sales for the business.

Though the company was not willing to offer any form of payment, Mr. Williams was able to successfully litigate the claim and compel the jury into awarding our client 100% of requested damages at trial.