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Ottumwa Courier, Des Moines Register Profile Domina Law’s Fight Against Carbon Pipeline Eminent Domain

Carbon Pipeline

Two Iowa newspapers have profiled Domina Law Group’s efforts in an ongoing fight against proposed carbon pipelines.

Articles published by both the Des Moines Registerand the Ottumwa Courier discuss how our firm has helped create a new alliance group to support Iowa landowners as they challenge and negotiate around large-scale carbon pipeline projects that aim to capture carbon dioxide from ethanol and agricultural plants so it can be sequestered underground.

Known as the Iowa Easement Team (IET), the new alliance group will work to build a statewide network of landowners impacted by these projects, which would run through multiple states and 36 different counties in Iowa alone.

Like landowners in other states also being represented by Domina Law Group, Iowa landowners have expressed concerns about the environmental impact of the pipelines and the pipeline companies’ intentions to use eminent domain, which would force owners to permit access their land for construction. In addition to challenging the projects entirely, the IET is also supporting legislation to curtail the use of eminent domain in such situations.

By working with the IET, Iowa landowners can receive support to better understand their constitutional and property rights and explore options to protect their land now and in the future.

If you are an Iowa landowner concerned about the proposed carbon pipelines and your legal rights, visit