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Redfield Press Covers Brian Jorde’s Work with South Dakota Landowners Affected by Carbon Pipeline

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An article published in the Redfield Press has profiled a recent meeting of South Dakota landowners concerned about a proposed carbon sequestration pipeline. As mentioned in the article, Domina Law Group Attorney Brian Jorde currently represents landowners in multiple states whose properties lie in the pipeline path proposed by Summit Carbon Solutions.

According to the Redfield Press, the early February meeting in Redfield, South Dakota drew dozens of landowners from the area to discuss Summit Carbon’s project, which would transfer liquified CO2 through 2,000 miles of pipeline across Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota, South Dakota, and North Dakota.

Farmers and ranchers in attendance discussed concerns about the safety of pipelines running through their properties and Summit Carbon Solutions’ plans to use eminent domain to obtain easements. Many landowners were also interested in learning how to effectively protect their rights, ensure they’re fairly compensated, and limit their liability for future problems that may arise.

The article also discusses how several landowners have signed up for representation with attorney Brian Jorde. As one landowner stated:

“He is one of, if not the best, pipeline attorneys on behalf of landowners in the country. Not just the state of Nebraska.”

“Liability is a very big concern to a landowner. Brian recommended that we go talk to our insurance agents on our farm or ranch insurance on our liability policy. Ninety-nine point nine of insurance agencies will not cover any liability insurance on the top of the season due to what they call a pollution exclusion. Because CO2 is considered a hazardous material, it is considered a pollutant. Therefore, you have no liability coverage. If you would do anything to the pipeline or something would happen, you would have no liability coverage.”

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