Brian Jorde Interviewed by KMA Radio on Iowa Easement Team, Landowners’ Fight Against Carbon Pipeline

Brian Jorde Interviewed by KMA Radio on Iowa Easement Team, Landowners’ Fight Against Carbon Pipeline

Domina Law Group Managing Lawyer Brian Jorde was recently interviewed by KMA radio in a segment profiling the work of Domina Law’s Iowa Easement Team in organizing landowners who oppose construction of several carbon pipelines, including a proposed project from Summit Carbon Solutions.

As Jorde told KMA, Summit’s efforts to obtain easements through eminent domain is one of the group’s primary concerns, as it could set a dangerous precedent by allowing private companies to use power typically reserved for the government.

"So now we're going to put the private profits to make these millionaires and billionaires more millions and more billions at the expense of thousands of people across the country, and hundreds if not thousands in Iowa alone, taxpayers, voters, residents. At some point you can’t just go handing out the power to take what is someone else's and tell them what they can and can't do."

Jorde also discussed his work with affected landowners, stating that many have had negative experiences with pipeline representatives.

"It's all the lack of transparency, saying one thing, doing another, not following up, arrogance, attitude, 'if you don't do this it doesn't really matter because we can take it from you anyway.’ The typical attitudes you get with pipeline companies and the subcontractors (and) contractors they employ. The hundreds and hundreds of people that I've talked to, I haven't heard of any positive experiences."

Read Brian Jorde’s full KMA radio interview here.

Brian Jorde and Domina Law Group currently represent landowners in multiple states where several carbon pipeline projects are proposed. Their work with landowners includes helping them oppose the pipeline, educating them about their property rights, and working to obtain fair agreements that adequately address compensation, safety, and liability. For more information about the Iowa Easement Team, visit