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Brian Jorde Interviewed by KMTV 3 News Now on Proposed Midwest Carbon Express Pipeline

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Domina Law Group Managing Lawyer Brian Jorde was interviewed by KMTV 3 News Now for a televised segment on Summit Carbon Solutions’ proposed carbon dioxide pipeline, known as the Midwest Carbon Express.

As reported by KMTV, Summit’s pipeline, which is one of several proposed carbon capture projects, would transport liquified carbon dioxide over more than 2,000 miles across five Midwest states – including Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota – so it can be sequestered underground. As Jorde explained:

“The concept is that pipeline companies will take CO2 from various facilities and then pipe it thousands of miles underground, in Summit’s case up to North Dakota.”

Jorde went on to discuss how Summit, which has filed a permit application in Iowa with the Iowa Utilities Board, is seeking to gain access to private land so it can build the pipeline through eminent domain, a right typically reserved for the government and not private companies.

"The problem is, the use of eminent domain, to take the land of farmers, homeowners so that they can make private profits off this project.”

Famers, landowners, and others who oppose the pipeline have expressed concerns over its environmental impact, which would include disruption of local soil structure, potential damage to tile lines and infrastructure, and more.

Many are also unsure of the liability they would assume should sections of pipeline on their property be damaged and about securing fair payment for allowing access through their land– a major reason why landowners are working with Jorde and Domina Law. Summit is currently seeking easements for a one-time payment to landowners. As Jorde told KMTV:

“If they get the rights forever until the end of time to make billions of dollars by utilizing their land. That’s not fair. They should pay annually, at the very least.”

You can watch the full KMTV 3 News Now segment featuring Brian Jorde here.

Brian Jorde and Domina Law Group currently represent landowners in multiple states where carbon capture pipelines have been proposed, including property owners in Iowa and Nebraska. Their work with groups like the Iowa Easement Team is designed to help landowners understand their rights, explore options, and negotiate fair agreements that adequately address compensation, safety, and liability.

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