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Federal Discrimination Suit Filed by Adam Sipple Over City’s Contract Bidding Practices Covered by Omaha World Herald

Federal Discrimination Suit Filed by Adam Sipple Over City’s Contract Bidding Practices Covered by Omaha World Herald

A federal discrimination lawsuit against the City of Omaha filed by Domina Law Group Attorney Adam Sipple was recently profiled in an article published by the Omaha World Herald.

As reported by the World Herald, Adam represents Rodney Johnson in a federal civil rights lawsuit against the City of Omaha. In the suit, Johnson, a black business owner of a North Omaha-based cleaning company, alleges that the city and former employees of the Parks & Recreation Department engaged in wrongful bidding practices that discriminated against his low, top-rated bids in favor of a white-owned company. Johnson’s company is registered as a Tier 1 Emerging Small Business under a city program which aims to stimulate economic growth for small businesses in high-poverty areas.

The lawsuit stems from the city’s termination of a contract with Johnson’s company for park facility custodial services, which Johnson was granted after a 16-month bidding process that was rebid twice. According to the suit, Johnson’s bid was the lowest bid conforming to the city’s requirements that came from a certified Tier 1 company.

Under city ordinance, Tier I Emerging Small Businesses are given priority under certain conditions in the bidding process over Tier II businesses. But in records requests previously filed by Johnson – which he claims may have been a reason why the city wanted to avoid his business – Johnson found that the city had awarded over $1.1 million in janitorial contracts over the past decade to non-Tier I contractors, while giving just $15,000 to Tier I contractors. As Johnson stated:

“This lawsuit is not just about my company or the cleaning contract. All contractors bidding on city contracts, Black or White, from North Omaha or west Omaha, should be treated fairly and afforded equal protection of the law.”

As reported by the World Herald, Attorney Adam Sipple noted that much will be uncovered in the lawsuit. Our firm will continue to report on case developments as they emerge.

Read the full article covering Adam Sipple’s federal discrimination suit here.

Adam J. Sipple is a Domina Law trial attorney with decades of experience handling civil and criminal cases in Nebraska and Missouri. He is a former Legal Director for the Nebraska Chapter of the ACLU and has secured many notable civil rights victories, including crafting successful arguments in cases heard by the Nebraska Supreme Court, compelling the City of Omaha to amend its Municipal Code to protect the right to peaceful protest, and litigating to protect the rights of Native American children to adhere to their cultural norms in public schools.