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AGweek Covers Brian Jorde’s Upcoming Carbon Pipeline Meeting with North Dakota Landowners

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AGweek, a leading source for agriculture news, has profiled an upcoming meeting of North Dakota landowners who oppose a proposed carbon capture pipeline. The meeting was organized by the Dakota Resource Council and will take place on Thursday, April 7 at the Veterans Memorial Auditorium in Casselton, North Dakota.

As reported by AGweek, Domina Law Group Managing Lawyer Brian Jorde will be joining the meeting by Zoom. Jorde and Domina Law currently represent farmers and landowners in multiple states who own property in areas where pipelines are proposed. Jorde will discuss the controversial projects, landowner concerns, and the potential use of eminent domain to obtain right-of-way.

The meeting’s agenda will also touch on safety concerns, organizing strategy, and legal options for landowners, as well as a broad discussion of the multi-state Midwest Carbon Express pipeline proposed by Summit Carbon Solutions. Summit’s $4.5 billion project would capture emissions from 31 ethanol plants, including the Tharaldson Ethanol plant in Casselton, and transport it through thousands of miles of pipeline so it can be sequestered permanently underground at a site northwest of Bismarck.

Like landowners in other states, owners in North Dakota are concerned about the pipeline’s impact on the environment, agriculture, and infrastructure, and have questioned if they would bear liability should pipeline equipment on their property be damaged. Landowners in the proposed path are now looking for ways to protect their rights and interests should they have to sign an easement agreement.

Read the full AGweek article about Brian Jorde’s upcoming meeting appearance here.

Brian Jorde and Domina Law Group represent landowners in all states where carbon pipeline projects have been proposed. Through work with local organizations and groups like the Iowa Easement Team, Jorde and Domina Law are working to educate landowners about their property rights, legal options, and strategies for successfully negotiating fair terms in easement agreements. Jorde is also working closely with landowners to challenge Summit Carbon Solutions’ attempt to use eminent domain, and recently filed a motion with the Iowa Utilities Board challenging Summit’s request for the right.