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Recent Posts in General Category

Nebraska Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Bob Krist, Name Will Appear on Gubernatorial Primary Ballot

The Nebraska Supreme Court ruled in favor of Domina Law Group client Bob Krist, whose name will remain on the ballot this May for the Democratic gubernatorial race. His candidacy was challenged ...

Compassionate Care Hospice Group Agrees to $2.4 Million Settlement

Compassionate Care Hospice Group has agreed to pay a $2.4 million settlement to resolve allegations that Compassionate Care Group of Atlanta, one of its subsidiaries, paid kickbacks to its physicians ...

Celebrating Senator Ernie Chambers' 80th Birthday

On May 23, people came together to celebrate Senator Ernie Chambers’ 80 th upcoming July birthday. The event was held to coincide with the end of Legislative session and bring people together to ...

Two Additional Leaks Found Along the Dakota Access Pipeline

Despite the Cheyenne River Sioux dropping their appeal, Issues plaguing the Dakota Access Pipeline keep popping up. According to information released by the North Dakota Health Department and the ...

Dakota Access Pipeline Leaked Approximately 84 Gallons in South Dakota

The South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources posted a report stating that the Dakota Access Pipeline had leaked approximately 84 gallons on oil in early April. However, they did ...

Beer Stores in Whiteclay Close Early

Following an eventful battle over whether or not four beer stores in Whiteclay, NE should have their liquor licenses renewed that included a denial, reversal of that decision and a second reversal ...

Big Ox Expects To Stop Paying Hotel Bills for Displaced Residents, Looks to Get Them Home

South Sioux City homeowners who were forced out of their homes over health risks caused by noxious sewer gasses more than three months ago may not receive financial assistance from Big Ox Energy, the ...

Auction of Nebraska Farmland Brings in Over $37 Million in Bids, Believed to be the Largest Auction Sale in State History

One of the largest farm and ranch operations in Nebraska went up for auction on Thursday, December 1, and pulled in $37,555,000 in bids in what is believed to be the largest auction sale in the ...

Ammonia Pipeline Leak in Nebraska Kills 1, Forces Evacuation

An odd smell pushed one resident living in northeast Nebraska, about eight miles north of Tekamah, to call the Burt County Sheriff's Office on Monday, October 17. Two hours later, 59-year-old ...

Standing With Those in Agriculture

Ever since the Domina Law Group was founded in 1982, our trial lawyers have fought for the rights of our clients in Nebraska and across the United States, with multi-million dollar case results in 11 ...

Over 250,000 Deaths Per Year Can Be Traced Back to a Medical Mistake

According to a study published in the BMJ earlier this year, medical errors should be considered the third leading cause of death in the U.S. The research team, led by Martin Makary, a professor of ...

What to Ask When Meeting an Attorney

If you have a legal matter, anything involving car accidents to professional negligence, you may have looked into obtaining an attorney. This means you have done some research and you may have set up ...

What Our Verdicts & Settlements Mean For You

When an individual is injured as a result of someone else’s negligence, they often look for a law firm to represent them. It’s natural to inquire about legal counsel in order to seek ...

Our New Year's Resolution

A new year is here and there is still so much left to do. At Domina Law Group, we were involved in many important litigations throughout 2015 and now, 2016 proves to be even more pressing on these ...

Remembering the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting

On this day three years ago, news struck from Newtown, Connecticut regarding a shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. It was a devastating event that left 20 students and six adults dead. At ...

Domina Law Group Wishes You a Happy Thanksgiving

At Domina Law Group, we are always thankful to have the opportunity to represent our clients. The holidays are a time for individuals to spend quality moments with their loved ones and leave their ...

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