Sensitive Sexual Allegations Resolved After Depositions

Sensitive Sexual Allegations Resolved After Depositions

Thoughtful, sensitive depositions taken from a teenage girl and her parents by David Domina, and careful discovery by Domina Law Group is a firm of trial lawyers. We specialize in complex litigation on a national basis. Our lawyers are ethical, aggressive, and committed to providing spirit and vitality to the judicial system and our client’s legal rights. lawyers Domina and Audrea Kappert, produced settlement for the firm's client, St John Lutheran Church of Seward, in a complex case.

In March and April, Domina and Kappert conducted careful, respectful discovery in Doe v St John. The final discovery steps involved depositions taken from the teenage victim who had alleged sexual assault by a former St John School official, and her parents. Each deposition concluded with an acknowledgment that Domina had not been offensive or hurtful during the depositions.

Settlement negotiations after the depositions were handled by Gary Nedved Esq of Lincoln. Nedved was counsel in the case for the Lutheran Court Missouri Synod, a national organization from St Louis MO. St John of Seward has an association with the Synod. Domina Law Group attorney Audrea Kappert extended "congratulations to the negotiators for resolving the case".

Kappert and Domina noted that "St John is committed to ministering to its members; it hired us to handle the litigation and get it trial ready, but not to be settlement counsel." Kappert said the firm "is pleased the matter worked out, and happy to have been of assistance to a church that could have been truly harmed had matters been handled less sensitively."