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Domina Law Group Alleges Hospital Used Patient As Bait to Catch Predatory Doctor

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Dave Domina and Domina Law Group have filed a lawsuit against an Omaha doctor alleged to have inappropriately touched our female client while she was under anesthesia, as well as the orthopedic hospital we claim allowed the assault to take place by failing to report its pre-existing suspicions about the doctor to law enforcement.

The lawsuit – which names Nebraska Orthopedic Hospital as a defendant – claims our client was not informed by staff that the hospital would be secretly monitoring her hip surgery procedure in order to catch a doctor it suspected of inappropriately touching patients.

As alleged in the complaint, Nebraska Orthopedic Hospital, rather than reporting suspicions about Dr. Mark Dietrich to authorities, chose to conduct its own investigation by placing a trained observer in the surgical suite during our client’s procedure.

Our client, Deb Lowndes, only discovered that she was inappropriately touched after being informed by an Omaha Police Detective. Mrs. Lowndes and Dave Domina recently sat down for an interview with WOWT about how the hospital’s alleged conduct has intensified her emotional suffering. As she says:

“[The hospital] had their suspicions and so they planted a nurse in my surgery to catch him. They set me up, they used me as bait to catch this doctor.”

WOWT News aired two segments profiling the case against Dr. Dietrich and Nebraska Orthopedic Hospital.

Two Civil Lawsuits Against Omaha Doctor, Questions Remain

Dr. Mark Dietrich is currently facing civil lawsuits over inappropriately touching two patients, as well as an investigation by the Omaha Police Department. He is no longer employed by Nebraska Medicine and Nebraska Orthopedic Hospital, and has called the lawsuit filed by our client a frivolous complaint, stating the acts he took during surgery were directly related to the procedure. As Mrs. Lowndes tell WOWT:

“The surgery is on the outer side of my hip. It’s nowhere near my private areas. It’s nowhere certainly up on my chest.”

Dave Domina and our legal team will continue to fight on behalf of Mrs. Lowndes as the case moves forward, as there remain many questions as to what hospital staff knew about Dr. Dietrich and when, and whether its actions constituted a failure to appropriately protect patients.

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