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KETV Omaha Profiles Domina Lawsuit Against School District, Principal Over Student Sex Abuse

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KETV Omaha recently aired a news segment featuring David Domina on a lawsuit filed by Domina Law Group against Nebraska’s largest school district and a middle school principal over their alleged failure to protect a female student from being sexually abused by a teacher.

The case concerns Brian Robeson, a former math teacher at Davis Middle School who in 2016 pleaded guilty to first-degree sexual assault and was sentenced to 40 years in prison. It names Omaha Public Schools, Davis Middle School Principal Daniel Bartels, and Robeson as defendants, and alleges:

Observations, suspicions, and strong circumstantial evidence were reported by faculty members who “Saw Something, and Said Something.” The School and its administrator(s) Did Nothing.

As David Domina tells KETV, depositions with school faculty revealed OPS was alerted to suspicious incidents of inappropriate conduct between Robeson and the victim on 14 separate occasions. Despite the number of reports, he notes:

“School officials did not have a file that consisted of one single word that existed on one single sheet of paper describing of any of those instances, or documenting any investigation.”

Continuing the Fight for Justice

Domina Law Group filed the lawsuit in 2017, but a recent a ruling in November 2019 held that both Omaha Public Schools and Bartels are protected against liability under Nebraska tort law. As David Domina notes, that ruling will be appealed once the portion of the case involving Robeson is complete. He reiterates:

“Schools are to teach students, not to protect faculty.”

David Domina and Domina Law Group will continue to fight on behalf of our clients. The matter is not only crucial to helping the victim and family obtain the justice they deserve, but also one of immense importance to transparency in our school systems, public concern, and the well-being of our children.

Watch the full KETV Omaha segment featuring Dave Domina here.