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Spouse Wins 50/50 Property Division After Bitter Contest


Douglas County District Court Judge Peter Bataillon awarded Domina Law pc's client 50% of a significant 8 figure marital estate in a decision first announced in April, and reduced to writing in May, 2003. The Court rejected forceful arguments by the husband's lawyer that nearly all the marital estate, and all of the value of a large, multi-store business chain, should be awarded to the husband alone.

In the Omaha NE case, the Court heard the husband claim he had been given all his corporate shares in the business by his father, or had bought them with gifted funds. During a comprehensive cross examination by David Domina, the Court learned that the business records were contrary to the husband's claim.

At trial Domina Law pc attorneys Domina and Nora M Kane called employees of the business, a former shareholder, and corporate counsel as witnesses. They used evidence from a settled 1996 federal lawsuit involving the business to prove that their wife-client should have half the marital estate.

Trial evidence presented by Domina and Kane also disclosed a history of gambling, alcohol and substance abuse, and deceit by the husband against his wife. This evidence led to a custodial award of the five (5) minor children involved in the case to Domina Law pc's client, too.

Since trial, which was conducted by David Domina for the firm, Nora Kane has worked tirelessly to "get the husband's spending tracked in order to complete a full accounting as the decree requires". Kane said, "we are so pleased that our client was able to achieve a just result in this complex case. Now we will leave no stone unturned to get her property and funds accounted for."

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