Trial Date Set for former Nebraska State Trooper Tim Flick

Trial Date Set for former Nebraska State Trooper Tim Flick

More than 50 law enforcement officers gathered at remote Rushville, NE to show support for former Nebraska State Patrol Trooper Tim Flick on Wednesday, March 8, 2018. Flick appeared in court with his lawyer, Dave Domina, and entered pleas of not guilty for charges that led to his contested dismissal from the Patrol.

Mr. Flick is a decorated veteran of the Patrol. As a SWAT team member, he sustained four bullet wounds in a shooting several years ago. Later, he was the runner-up for Officer of the Year awards for reasons beyond his actions and sacrifice while on the SWAT team. “Tim Flick was an honored and distinguished officer; I hope he will be again when these charges are resolved,” Domina said.

Domina was chosen by Mr. Flick and the State Troopers Association of Nebraska to provide legal services. He is charged with two Class I misdemeanors arising from pursuit of a fleeing intoxicated driver in a high speed chase.

Trial is set for June 4 to a jury in Sheridan County. The trial location is nearly 400 miles from Omaha in northwest Nebraska.

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