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Domina Law Group: A Year in Review


The holidays are here and it is an exciting time of year for our team here at Domina Law Group. This has been a year full of news regarding a few of the cases in which we have been heavily involved. Whether we have been dealing with the TransCanada Keystone XL Pipeline or the Syngenta lawsuits, our team has remained diligent helping the individuals we represent. Our national trial lawyers wanted to recap some of the most important cases of the year and prepare our clients for 2016.

TransCanada Keystone XL Pipeline

By now, many are aware of the TransCanada Keystone XL pipeline lawsuit and how it has progressed. This is a matter that we have followed closely and helped residents and landowners protect their rights from a proposed pipeline throughout Nebraska. We have provided many blogs on the matter to help our clients understand what is at stake and what they could do to help in the effort to put a stop to the project.

Read these blogs for more information:


Our national trial attorneys have also focused efforts on the Syngenta lawsuits regarding GMO corn. There are numerous corn farmers in Nebraska who have been affected by the use of Syngenta brand corn. Even if the brand was not used on a specific farm, that landowner may still be affected due to possible cross-contamination and a temporary ban for all U.S. corn imports in China. These claims stem over claims that Syngenta did not receive approval from China regarding its Viptera GMO corn trait. According to the allegations, China’s ban on corn imports from the United States due to GMO has caused financial loss for a countless number of corn famers.

To learn more about Syngenta lawsuits, read the following blogs:

Domina Law Group is dedicated to helping our clients continue their fights into 2016. We wish all of our clients and potential clients a happy holiday. Call today.

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