Where the TransCanada Keystone XL Pipeline Stands

Where the TransCanada Keystone XL Pipeline Stands

Keystone XL PipelineOne year ago, we posted a blog about TransCanada’s threat of eminent domain if Nebraska landowners refused to sign contracts regarding the Keystone XL Pipeline. Since this time, the case has come a long way and our firm has remained involved in the developments. Most recently, the case has made its way to the highest level with President Obama rejecting the permit application that would allow TransCanada to construct its new pipeline.

Even after all this, TransCanada intends to continue its pursuit after having spent roughly $2.4 billion on the project to date.

At Domina Law Group, our Nebraska trial attorneys are also dedicated to continuing our efforts to stop this project. We encourage landowners throughout the area to remain steadfast in their efforts as well because the legal issues are ongoing despite the decision made by the president.

TransCanada’s project has been put on hold with the company withdrawing its application for a route permit. This means that the Nebraska Public Service Commission is not currently reviewing the pipeline. While landowners should remain vigilant, TransCanada’s chances of gaining approval look to be thin. They are still planning their next course of action to seek approval regarding the Keystone XL Pipeline.

If you are a Nebraska landowner and your land has been threatened by the Keystone XL Pipeline, our team at Domina Law Group is committed to helping you. Our team is experienced with the related litigation and we understand the current state of the TransCanada project. We work to protect Nebraskan landowners at all times. Contact our firm today and we will explain how we may be able to help you in the TransCanada case.