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Keystone XL Pipeline Terminated, Lawsuits Continue

Keystone XL Pipeline

Alberta officials and TC Energy, formerly known as TransCanada, have reached an agreement to end their partnership, effectively terminating the highly controversial Keystone XL oil pipeline.

As reported by KORN, the Canadian province and company have claimed they will attempt to make up for the government’s investment, but have yet to release any details on the matter. Still, the Native American tribes, environmentalists, and landowners who staunchly opposed the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline are celebrating its cancelation. The pipeline would have run directly through indigenous lands and the property of Nebraska landowners. Therefore, for over a decade, they have been fighting against the Keystone XL pipeline through lawsuits and protests.

“The TransCanada announcement is a relief to those of us who stood in the pipeline’s path,” said Fort Belknap Indian Community President Andy Werk in a press release. “We were not willing to sacrifice our water or safety for the financial benefit of a trans-national corporation. We are thrilled that the project has been canceled.”

Omaha-based firm Domina Law Group has been credited with delaying the project through representing Nebraska landowners in ongoing litigation, KORN reported.

“I’m sure my clients, all the landowners who I have shared this with will never be too confident,” said Domina Law Group Attorney Brian E. Jorde in conversation with KORN. “But at least for now and at least through the Biden administration there is no pipeline.”

We at Domina Law Group continue to advocate for our clients, only emboldened by the Keystone XL pipeline’s termination. Unfortunately, Nebraska does not provide adequate legal protection to landowners whose land has been taken as part of eminent domain by the Canadian company.

“We’re entering a fascinating legal question because TransCanada has already taken all of the land in Nebraska,” Attorney Jorde explained. “We’ve got about 65 active lawsuits on the topic for our clients.”

Protecting the Rights of Nebraska Landowners

At Domina Law Group, we have been working with both landowners and groups opposed to the Keystone XL pipeline for more than a decade. We genuinely care about protecting the rights of landowners and farmers in Nebraska. Our firm’s founding partner David A. Domina comes from two generations of farmers; we personally understand how losing your land, particularly when that land is a farm, can turn your life upside down. We are, therefore, very proud to advocate for wronged landowners and farmers in the Keystone XL pipeline litigation.

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