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$1.1 Million Awarded to Family in Stroke Case


A jury recently approved a $1.1 million award to the family of a woman who died of complications after a stroke.

Rose Lasko had been in good health up until 2006 when she broke her ankle. To recover, the 80-year-old went for treatment at a rehabilitation facility in Lincolnwood, a village just north of Chicago, where she was put under the care of Dr. John Fultz.

Lasko’s family eventually filed a lawsuit against Fultz, claiming that Lasko should have been taking blood thinners, specifically a type of medication she had been prescribed previously. Lasko suffered a stroke about two months after she broke her ankle and lived the remainder of her life in a nursing home.

Last month, a jury agreed with the plaintiffs that Fultz was medically negligent, and awarded the family more than $1.1 million.

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