5 Things to Note About Whistleblower Actions

5 Things to Note About Whistleblower Actions

LawThe Whistleblower Act, also known as Nebraska’s Government Effectiveness Act, allows individuals to report violations at their workplace. Oftentimes, employees are so concerned about possible retaliation that they fail to report any type of violation or potential violation. They are often worried about losing their jobs, being harassed, or being demoted. The Whistleblower Act is supposed to protect employees from this, but there are still a few things you need to know about whistleblower actions.

Our Nebraska trial attorneys have listed five things to note about whistleblower actions. Domina Law Group is dedicated to protecting our clients and helping not only protect themselves from retaliation, but guide them towards the compensation they deserve.

Reporting Violations is a Voluntary Act

In order to receive compensation, an individual must report a violation or potential violation voluntarily. It must be under their own power. They cannot be convinced to do so or share information while under duress.

Information Should Be Shared with a Government Agency or SEC

This puts the necessary information in the best hands to take appropriate action. These parties can take action against employer and any other parties who may have been involved in the illegal activity.

Information Provided Must Be from Firsthand Experiences

If an individual wants to report a violation, he or she must have seen or know of the violations based on firsthand experiences. The information cannot come from a third-party if the report is to be successfully handled and compensation is expected.

Compensation is Only Recovered if Action is Taken

When an individual reports a violation and the agency decides to not take action, no compensation is given. If action is taken, the violation must be in excess of $1 million.

An Employee is Protected Under Law

Should a whistleblower publicly report a violation without anonymity, they are to be protected from retaliation, harassment, or any other acts from the employer. Protection is also given to those who report violations anonymously with the help of a lawyer.

At Domina Law, our Nebraska trial lawyers are skilled in these types of matters and we know how to help individuals who want to report allegations of violations to the government or the SEC. Trust us to help you file your report. Call us today.