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Our New Year's Resolution


A new year is here and there is still so much left to do. At Domina Law Group, we were involved in many important litigations throughout 2015 and now, 2016 proves to be even more pressing on these issues. Two of the biggest cases we witnessed were the Syngenta lawsuit and the litigation involving TransCanada’s Keystone XL Pipeline. As was the case in 2015, our goal is to make sure these two situations are halted and we aim to help our clients worry less.

These cases impacted a number of farmers and landowners in Nebraska. We recognized the concerns of our clients and fought the good fight to see that they were not impacted by the threats on their lands and businesses. It is because of this that our New Year’s resolution is to continue pushing on these litigations and help our clients move forward without concern.

It is with great pride that our firm stands ready to represent landowners, farmers, injury victims, and more in a wide range of cases. From the very moment you contact our firm, you can trust that we prioritize your best interests and focus on your goals. We make sure to pay close attention to the details of your matter so we can provide the strongest possible counsel when you need it most.

Our national trial lawyers are focused on trial practice. We prepare every case as if it were going in front of a jury. Through this tenacious preparation, our team can focus on the cause of the injury or the reckless intention of another company and help you navigate the complex legal process.

If you have been wronged in anyway, you can trust in our team to help. We are committed to justice and work hard to see that your rights are safeguarded. Call our firm and allow us to help you as our 2016 resolution.

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