TransCanada Suing the United States

TransCanada Suing the United States

TransCanada is commencing legal actions against the United States following the Keystone XL pipeline project denial.

TransCanada recently announced that it would be entering into legal actions with the U.S. over its denial of KXL. The Canadian oil giant announced that it has filed a Notice of Intent to initiate a claim under Chapter 11 of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

Additionally, the oil company also said it has filed suit in Houston’s U.S. Federal Court. This lawsuit alleges that President Obama’s denial of the Keystone XL pipeline project goes beyond the power the U.S. Constitution affords him.

According to TransCanada’s news release, the U.S. State Department acknowledged that a denial of KXL was not based on the project’s merits, since the State Department concluded that it would not significantly increase global greenhouse gas emissions. Rather, it asserts, the denial was founded on perceptions of climate change.

You can read the full news release here.