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10 Risks Commercial Trucks Pose to Highway Safety


You see them nearly everywhere you go. Large commercial trucks have become a common sight in our world because the demand of product. It’s a great thing to have when the truck drivers are operating their vehicle carefully and properly. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

Large commercial trucks pose a number of risks to highway safety and any type of accident involving these vehicles can become catastrophic. If you or someone you love is injured in a truck accident, let our Nebraska truck accident attorneys at Domina Law Group fight for your right to compensation. Call today.

Drowsy Driving

Commercial truck drivers are supposed to operate within strict regulations regarding how much and how often they can drive. This is to prevent them from overworking and tiring themselves to the point where their driving abilities are impaired. Drivers must keep a log regarding their driving hours to ensure they are within regulations.

Overloaded Cargo

Trucking companies have designated employees responsible for loading the cargo into trucks. They must know the weight regulations as well as the capabilities of the truck in order to make sure proper cargo is loaded. When the trailer is overloaded and the weight exceeds limits, it can cause the truck to lose control of various aspects while driving.

Improperly Loaded Cargo

Cargo should be loaded evenly to avoid one side being heavier than the other. When one side is heavier, it can cause the truck to tip on turns or even rollover, causing a significant accident. The cargo loader is responsible for making sure the items are stored in the trailer correctly before the truck leaves the business.

Jackknife Accidents

A jackknife accident occurs when the truck loses control and the trailer can push from behind it, forcing the vehicle to face backwards. This is often caused when the vehicle skids in bad weather conditions or if the driver brakes improperly, often while speeding.

Mechanical Defect

Much like other vehicles on the road, commercial trucks are susceptible to mechanical defect. When a manufacturer fails to test their products for safety, it can cause serious dangers for trucks. This could result in brakes not working, trouble with an engine, or the trailer hitch not holding properly. The manufacturer is most often at fault for these situations, but trucking companies also have a duty to inspect and maintain their trucks before they leave for delivery.

Drunk Driving

Commercial truck drivers have strict laws when it comes to drinking and driving. If they surpass the legal blood alcohol limit and their driving ability is impaired, they may cause an accident. Any driver who causes an injury because of drunk driving may face both civil and criminal cases.

CDL License Fraud

Any driver who operates a commercial truck must have a valid CDL. Some trucking companies may try to get around this law in order to hire someone who they may pay less, but isn’t properly trained. If a person is not familiar with operating a commercial truck, it is much more difficult than passenger vehicles.

Distracted Driving

Like all drivers on the road, commercial truck drivers are not allowed to use cell phones or text without a hands-free device. When they do this and they are distracted from their driving, they may lose track of what is in front of them and cause an accident.

Overturned Truck

An overloaded truck that tries to make a tight turn can overturn. Any car around this truck may be impacted, especially if they are in the next lane or right behind the truck.

Reckless Driving

Truck drivers must follow the laws as well as special speed limits posted specifically for these large vehicles. When they speed or disobey any traffic laws, they put other drivers at risk of a serious accident.

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