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New Livestock Buying Laws


Meat Trade News Daily wrote an article featuring Attorney David A. Domina. Along with OCM's Senior Economics Fellow Dr. Robert Taylor, Mr. Domina agrees that the newly proposed rules do not necessitate a lengthy review process. They are not complicated and they are not controversial. Still, many in the livestock and packing industry are asking for more time. Among those who want more time to evaluate the proposed USDA Grain Inspection Packers & Stockyards Administration rules is The American Meat Institute. OCM is an organization dedicated to promoting ag market fairness. David Domina serves as General Counsel to this group. These proposed livestock regulations would balance market power in the industry and foster overall fairness. Unfair market competition results in consumers paying more and American livestock producers getting less. These news rules, which Mr. Domina supports, would prevent this from happening.

If you would like to view the article in its entirety, visit: New Livestock Buying Laws.

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