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Domina Law Group Secures $2 Million Jury Verdict for Wrongfully Terminated Worker

$2m jury verdict

Domina Law Group Founding Lawyer Dave Domina recently secured a $2 million jury verdict for a client who was terminated without cause after building a successful business from its beginning.

As noted in court documents, Mr. Domina and our team filed suit on behalf of the terminated employee to recover the fair market value of his investment in the firm.

Domina Law’s client was an approximate 11% owner, with the remainder held by two other shareholders who are spouses. The original purchase price for our client’s 10,000 shares was $30,000. The termination occurred four and a half years later.

At trial, Dave Domina presented the case before a jury in Omaha. The jury decided, over vociferous objections from the company and its controlling owner, that an award of $2 million was appropriate. The award vastly eclipsed the modest sum offered to our client.

The trial was hotly contested and handled by competent counsel. “My adversaries are good lawyers and presented a strong case,” said Dave Domina.

The jury was also highly educated. It included a medical doctor, a clinical psychologist, a NYC based hedge fund manager, and two persons with master’s level professional degrees. As Mr. Domina noted:

“Every juror was keenly focused on the case at every minute. I tried to keep it interesting, and the jury certainly displayed interest…whether it was my doing or not.”

The unanimous verdict followed roughly four hours of deliberations and four days of trial.

Post-trial motions are expected to add prejudgment interest, at an expected 12% per annum from the date of breach, and increase the recovery to approximately $2.6 million.

Herink v. Bluestem Energy Solutions, LLC, Dist Ct Douglas Co. No. CI 20- 3758