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Dave Domina Interviewed by 10/11 NOW on Pending Suit Over Lack of Mental Health Treatment in Nebraska Jails

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Domina Law Group Founder Dave Domina was recently interviewed by 10/11 NOW news about a pending lawsuit that claims the state has failed to provide a mentally ill inmates with mental health treatment as required by law.

As reported by 10/11 NOW, Domina represents the family of Quentin Renner, a 21-year-old man with mental health challenges who spent months sitting in a Sarpy County Jail after being found incompetent to stand trial in September 2021. Although the judge ordered Renner to receive mental health treatment from the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), the lawsuit states that he remained in jail for over four months.

According to officials and criminal justice advocates, the problem stems from a chronic shortage of beds at the Lincoln Regional Center, where DHHS typically houses defendants declared incompetent so they can receive treatment. In 2021, the less-than-100 individuals admitted to the Lincoln Regional Center for treatment waited an average of 128 days, or just over four months, before being transferred. All the while, they remained incarcerated in county jails without access to important mental health resources.

As Dave Domina told 10/11 NOW news:

“Quentin is charged with a crime. He’s entitled to a speedy trial. The legislature passed a law designed to provide services to a person like him as soon as possible so they can become competent, so they can handle their case and go on with their lives.”

Although Renner was transferred to the Lincoln Regional Center after Domina’s lawsuit was filed, he said the case is still ongoing:

“The judge should order that services have to start the day after finding of incompetency. The services don’t have to be at the state hospital, they can be provided elsewhere or in a different way. The important thing is we need to help these mentally ill people be restored to health.”

A decision in the case could have a major impact for other criminal defendants in Nebraska who have deemed incompetent to stand trial and need timely treatment.

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