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Politico Quotes Brian Jorde About Landowners’ Fight Against Midwest Carbon Pipelines

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Domina Law Managing Attorney Brian Jorde has been quoted in an article by Politico about the ongoing controversary surrounding proposed carbon capture pipelines and landowners’ fight against corporations that want access to their land.

The full-feature Politico article chronicles the increasing drama surrounding three proposed carbon capture dioxide pipelines, including the $4.5 billion Midwest Carbon Express – a project from Summit Carbon Solutions that would capture pollution from dozens of ethanol refineries and transport it as liquified CO2 through multiple states into North Dakota to be sequestered underground.

According to the article, the proposed pipelines are shaking up conventional alliances by uniting conservative farmers, ranchers, and landowners of the Midwest with the Sierra Club, one of the country’s oldest and most influential environmental organizations, and other environmental advocates who oppose relying on infrastructure-heavy carbon capture projects in the fight against climate change.

As reported by Politico, Attorney Brian Jorde and Domina Law, who helped organize landowners against the Keystone, XL Pipeline, are now working with the Sierra Club and with landowners who have property along the proposed pipeline routes. In addition to co-hosting weekly Zoom strategy sessions for landowners who oppose the pipeline, Jorde is also helping them challenge Summit Carbon Solutions’ permit application with the Iowa Utilities Board and its request to use eminent domain, a right typically reserved for the government and public use projects. As Jorde told Politico:

“At the end of the day we just have to hope that the IUB has the courage to do the right thing for Iowa and not just for the millionaires backing this project. You have to place these projects under land, and that land is owned by real people who clearly do not want them.”

You can read the full Politico article featuring quotes from Attorney Brian Jorde here. For more information about Jorde and Domina Law’s work with Iowa landowners, visit