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Michael Heavican Named New Chief Justice


Michael Heavican, the United States Attorney for the District of Nebraska, was selected by Gov. Dave Heineman of Nebraska to serve as the state's next Chief Justice. Heavican's work will commence shortly after current Chief Justice John Hendry's resignation becomes effective October 2.

Heavican was chosen by Gov. Heineman from a three-candidate field consisting of Nebraska Supreme Court Justice John M. Gerrard and Buffalo County District Court Judge John Icenogle. Gerrard, appointed by democratic Governor Ben Nelson, is now in his twelfth year of service as a respected jurist on the Supreme Court.

Judge Icenogle has served on the bench nearly thirty years and is highly regarded by practitioners across the State. The two judges both expressed their best wishes for the new Chief Justice.

"I expect Mike Heavican will serve with great distinction and be an excellent Chief Justice," quoted The Lincoln Star in its story about Heavican's appointment. The Star, quoting Dave Domina, noted the new Chief Justice is 59 years of age and a former Lancaster county attorney.

October 03, 2006
David A. Domina

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