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Domina Law Group pc llo Welcomes Mark A. Hassebrook and Sean M. Conway


Mark A. Hassebrook and Sean M. Conway, honors graduates of the University of Nebraska College of Law (2006), formally joined Domina Law Group pc llo's practice as lawyers on September 21. Hassebrook and Conway were admitted to the Bar in Iowa, after successfully completing the bar examination there. Both plan to seek prompt admission to the State of Nebraska as well.

Hassebrook and Conway are both native Nebraskans. Bellwood is Hassebrook's home. Conway is from Omaha.

Hassebrook graduated with highest distinction from the University of Nebraska College of Agriculture before enrolling in the College of Law, where he graduated with highest distinction.

Conway's undergraduate work was at the University of Nebraska at Kearney. In addition to exemplary academic performance, Conway was active in University Theater, and campus life at Kearney. Hassebrook and Conway crossed paths as freshman at the University of Nebraska College of Law in 2003. Their interests in trial practice, the Midwest, and public service through the law, led them to increasing friendship and eventual work with Domina Law Group pc llo.

Both new lawyers spent valuable time in assistive, clerkship roles during the Firm's representation of the Nebraska Legislature in the impeachment trial of C. David Hergert.

Conway's early focus includes a significant wrongful death case, and Hassebrook has already co-authored with David A. Domina a brief in a case the Nebraska Supreme Court elected to accept on a petition for bypass. The case presents a first impression issue involving removal of corporate directors from office.

"We are delighted that Sean and Mark are practicing law with us. They will enjoy long, distinguished careers, and become well known in the courtroom," David Domina predicted.

October 03, 2006
David A. Domina

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