Irrigators, Domina Law Clients, Sue Over Republican River Plan

Irrigators, Domina Law Clients, Sue Over Republican River Plan

Kearney Hub: Republican Basin irrigation districts' lawsuit challenges augmentation projects, overall water management (01/3/13)

This article featured on Kearny Hub explains the lawsuit filed by David Domina on behalf of water irrigators. Domina is quoted as saying "The surface water irrigators are at a point where they realize if they don’t do anything, they’re out of business.”

North Platte Telegraph: Lawsuit aims to stop land, water deal (01/3/13)

The NP Telegraph reported about David Domina's representation of The Frenchman Cambridge Irrigation District and the Bostwick Irrigation District. The article discusses the issue of water rights, and the plaintiffs' belief that these particular pumping and piping projects are not permissible.

North Platte Bulletin: Irrigation districts sue to stop 'water farm' (01/01/13)

This article focuses specifically on the "water farm" aspect of this case, stating that while the government agreed to supply water, the plaintiffs (two irrigation districts) have experienced nothing but dryness for several years.

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