U.S. Court of Appeals Affirms Livestock Fraud Bankruptcy Resolution

U.S. Court of Appeals Affirms Livestock Fraud Bankruptcy Resolution

A per curium, unpublished opinion, issued December 6, 2006, brought the George L. Young bankruptcy proceedings to an unceremonious conclusion.

Young appealed the Bankruptcy Court’s judgment denying him a bankruptcy discharge, and finding that he committed intentional wrongful conduct. Young claimed the Bankruptcy Court lacked jurisdiction over nearly five years of proceedings conducted before it because he contends he was a farmer who cannot be forced into involuntarily bankruptcy.

Creditors of Young, who lost millions of dollars, but got some recovery in the settlement, claimed Young’s status as a farmer was as bogus as his last stock dealings. The claimants, represented by David A. Domina and Domina Law Group pc llo, prevailed in the Court of Appeals.

“Perhaps now the final disbursement of funds can be made from the bankruptcy, and the victims of this remarkable fraud can get an ounce of additional relief,” Dave Domina said.

December, 2006

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