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Syngenta $1.51 Billion Dollar Settlement Closer to Reality, Corn Farmers to Benefit

Syngenta $1.51 Billion Dollar Settlement Closer to Reality, Corn Farmers to Benefit

Settlement details for over 1000 Domina Law farmer clients moved closer, “but work remains to be done,” David Domina, the farmers’ lawyer said on Wednesday, March 14. The overall settlement amount of $1.51 billion, and distribution terms, will be taken up in Federal Court in Kansas in upcoming weeks.

“We must assess the settlement and decide for our clients if accepting the class action settlement, or opting out of the class, is best,” Domina said. “The answer may be both, but for different producers. We will work on the details and be in contact with our client as details work to the surface.”

This much is known: the details for the $1.51 billion settlement will provide recovery for U.S. corn producers both who planted Syngenta Viptera and/or Duracade Corn seed, and those who did not plant Syngenta corn.

The vast majority of the $1.51 billion settlement funds will go to corn farmers. The settlement covers producers who sold corn in crop years 2013/14 through 2017/18.

“On behalf of our many clients across the country we are pleased that Settlement is closer to a reality and we are continuing to advocate that the division of settlement funds is fair between irrigated and non-irrigated corn producers on a per bushel basis,” Domina said. “This is the only fair way to compensate farmers for their actual losses and is easy to calculate.”

Attorneys Brian Jorde and Domina of the Domina Law Group in Omaha, NE have represented farmers since day one in the battle against Syngenta, and continue to welcome all corn producers not yet involved to get involved. There is still time to sign up and claim a recovery, but the clock is ticking.

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