Jury Awards Damages 15 Times Condemning Authorities Offer

Jury Awards Damages 15 Times Condemning Authorities Offer

When those great minds gathered in Philadelphia 220 years ago, the chose the words “just compensation” and stuck them in the midst of provisions guaranteeing trial by jury! This is all we have to assure that the burden of Government’s need for one citizen’s property falls evenly, not disproportionately, on the condemned land’s owner.”

Dave Domina’s conversation with a jury about the civics of eminent domain produced a jury verdict 15 times the Metropolitan Utilities District’s appraiser’s calculation. The $750,000 verdict came after nearly 4 years of legal wrangling, and the deliberations of an Omaha NE jury.

Domina Law Group pc llo protected the rights of property owners whose land was subjected to easements so two huge underground aqueducts could be placed across it. The condemnation proceedings halted development and eventually led the property owner to bankruptcy. Then the Domina firm was hired.

Domina, and Claudia Stringfield-Johnson, prepared a case with two appraisers, an engineer, and a geologist, as witnesses to support the developer-owner’s testimony.

Domina Law Group pc llo argued that the condemning authorities’ takings of temporary and permanent easements caused the subdivision to suffer long delays and increased costs.

“Our client has a renewed sense of faith and fairness. He believes in the system again,” Claudia Stringfield -Johnson noted. The trial court will add prejudgment interest and attorneys’ fees to the substantial jury verdict.