Part of New Mexico Dairy Case Resolved on Eve of Trial

Part of New Mexico Dairy Case Resolved on Eve of Trial

On the eve of trial in federal court, a New Mexico Dairy reached confidential settlement terms with Rota Tech Dairy Sheds International Ltd, a New Zealand manufacturer of carousel dairy parlors.

Domina Law Group pc llo, Omaha NE (David Domina & James Cann) and Aguilar Law pc (Felicia Weingartner) Albuquerque, filed and prepared the case. Settlement occurred days after an important final pretrial hearing in open Court before a federal judge.

The settlement, including undisclosed terms of payment and claim resolution, was approved when the U S District Court sustained the joint motion of the Dairy and Rota Tech. “We appreciate the professionalism of Rota Tech’s management and its US attorneys,” David Domina said. The settlement “does not end our efforts for our client, though.”

Papers filed in Federal Court indicate the Rota Tech settlement leaves the Domina Law Group pc llo client’s claims against Westfalia- Surge, Inc. intact. “We are eager to present the case against Westfalia-Surge to the Court and jury”, Domina said.

April 11, 2005
David A. Domina

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