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Domina Law pc 's Employee of the Year!


April Nebel, Domina Law pc 's Receptionist, was selected as the Firm’s Employee of the Year and honored by the Firm at its February recognition event. Mrs. Nebel is responsible for the Firm’s reception area, and has overall responsibilities for assisting management with tracking, visitation security, and special events.

Mrs. Nebel’s patented greeting “It’s a great day at Domina Law. This is April, may I help you?” has led scores of clients to look forward to visit at the Firm’s office to have the opportunity to greet and meet April.

Domina Law pc honors an employee each quarter. 2004 Employee of the Quarter winners from whom the Employee of the Year was selected were:

Andi Meydisayanti
Brenda Hibbard
April Nebel
Melissa Macloskey

“Selection of an Employee of the Year is a wonderful thing to do among an array of four candidates like these,” said Jim Lindsay, the Firm’s General Manager. “All four are consistently upbeat, helpful, positive, client focused and committed to overall achievement of what is best for the needs of Domina Law pc ’s clients.”

Andi Meydisayanti, the Firm’s Information Systems & Technology Director is an Indonesian. Andi’s eighth year in the United States, and second with DLpc, will end when she returns to her native Cerebes, Indonesia to enter the shrimp business with her grandfather. “I hope to use my education and experience in the United States to improve and modernize shrimp farming, and add an export dimension to my home’s farming procedures. Working with Domina Law pc , in a practice where many farmers are helped, has fortified my desire to use my talents to make a difference among my own people, and with my family’s business, at home.” Everyone at Domina Law pc will miss Andi’s vivacity.

Brenda Hibbard, who has brought a joyful approach to client services, oversees document reproduction and preparation, document control, scanning and allied support services. Brenda says that, “belief in the ‘client first’ philosophy of the Firm makes my job easy to focus, and rewarding to perform.” Brenda’s consistency in quality and focus on detail has added a major dimension to the Firm’s practice.

Melissa Macloskey, completing her first year as a Trial Preparation Manager, has been involved in a series of large jury cases, all producing excellent verdicts. Melissa’s first year started with an opening statement in court, and support for Mr. Domina in trial in a case resulting in a multi-million dollar outcome. Melissa’s approach to her work stresses “the importance of organizing what we do in an intelligent and thoughtful way so our client’s evidence is well presented, information is accessible, and needs are met.”

Domina Law pc 's lawyers agree it is a privilege to share their professional lives with persons like our Employees of the Quarter and Employee of the Year.

February 16, 2005
David A. Domina

Domina Law Group pc llo is a firm of trial lawyers. We specialize in complex litigation on a national basis. Our lawyers are ethical, aggressive, and committed to providing spirit and vitality to the judicial system and our client’s legal rights.

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