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Domina Law’s Roundup Lawsuit Puts Nebraska at Center of National Litigation

Domina Law’s Roundup Lawsuit Puts Nebraska at Center of National Litigation

A recent full-feature article published Tuesday, September 3, 2019 by the Omaha World-Herald is shining a spotlight on Domina Law Group’s lawsuit against global agribusiness Monsanto (now Bayer AG) and its role in how the national mega-litigation may play out.

From a front-page headline and two full inside pages, the Omaha World-Herald showcases the story of Larry Domina, the brother of Dave Domina one of the Nebraska farmers currently being represented by our firm. Larry Domina was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 2012.

In what was one of the first lawsuits in the nation filed against Monsanto, Dave Domina and Domina Law Group alleged Larry Domina’s cancer was caused by his decades-long use of the weedkiller Roundup on his corn and bean crops near Coleridge. Lawsuits filed on behalf of other farmers, as well as victims nationwide, make similar claims.

Read the full Omaha World-Herald article on Domina Law’s Roundup lawsuit here.

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Roundup Claims: Glyphosate Linked to Cancer

Roundup’s main ingredient glyphosate was deemed a probable human carcinogen by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2015. Since that time, Monsanto and its parent company Bayer have been hit with over 13,000 lawsuits from individuals and families who claim they were misled by Monsanto – which has been accused of bribing regulatory officials, ghostwriting scientific research, and other improprieties – into believing Roundup was safe to use.

As Dave Domina tells the World-Herald:

“This case is about Nebraska farmers who were deceived by Monsanto. These guys who are raising our food for us have been using this product, exposing themselves to its risks, and not being told what those risks were.”

Despite Monsanto’s claims that Roundup does not cause cancer, three California juries have held Bayer liable for causing lymphoma, awarding plaintiffs in the high-profile verdicts over $2 billion in damages.

In June, a request to have Nebraska join California in hosting the first wave of Roundup cases to be tried was approved by a federal judge.

While the first Nebraska Roundup claims could head to trial by early 2020, it remains unclear which case will go first. Because Domina Law’s lawsuit on behalf of Larry Domina and other similarly situated farmers was the first filed in Nebraska, however, it is possible Domina Law may lead the next phase of Roundup litigation under a national spotlight.

Domina Law Group: Fighting for Justice

Domina Law Group has cultivated a record of success in some of the most complex, high-stakes civil trial proceedings in the country. As the Nebraska phase of the Roundup litigation moves closer, our legal team and expert witnesses are preparing for what may become a pivotal point in the national litigation, and a decision that may very well set the tone for the thousands of lawsuit yet to be heard.

As we know the outcome of the litigation will impact not only our clients and their families, but also the health of thousands of Americans, we intend to fight aggressively for justice – even as one of the largest agricultural conglomerates in the world maintains its position that Roundup poses no harm to consumers.

Learn more about Roundup cancer lawsuits on our website, or contact us to speak personally with an attorney about a potential case.

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