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Domina Law's Defense of Elderly O'Neill Man Charged with Harboring Immigrants Makes Headlines


David Domina and Domina Law Group are representing an O’Neill, Nebraska man in his 70s who was indicted in 2018 in a conspiracy to harbor illegal immigrants. As the jury trial approaches later this month, Domina’s intent to raise a Good Samaritan defense has been making headlines.

The case involves John Good, a Nebraska man charged with conspiracy to harbor illegal immigrants and other federal crimes connected to his interactions with a couple who managed his Mexican restaurant in O’Neill, NE. A small community of less than 4,000 residents, O’Neill has struggled with a labor shortage since federal immigration officials raided several farm and cattle businesses in 2018.

Although O’Neill is a small community, the case has been making national headlines – largely because the defense focuses on Good’s Christian faith. As reported by Newsweek, the Lincoln-Journal Star, and other media outlets, David Domina filed a brief expressing his intent to argue that Good was simply acting as a Good Samaritan to new immigrants looking to build a future in America. He noted in the brief:

"Mr. Good did not harbor, conspire, conceal, hide or launder money. He lived the Christian convictions of his upbringing in his faith. Now the government charges that Mr. Good's religious convictions, when put into active expression in life, are felonies."

In total, 17 people have been indicted on federal criminal charges over an alleged conspiracy the government claims to have involved companies which supplied undocumented labor to businesses in Nebraska, Minnesota, and Nevada.

Domina has maintained Good was in no way involved in trafficking human workers or providing employment, and that the man is being charged with crimes for his decision to allow friends to manage his restaurant, which is located near the courthouse, police station, and sheriff’s office. As Domina told reporters:

“While O’Neill may not be in plain view of the television cameras of major networks, and may not be visible from the West Wing of the White House, it is in plain view of law enforcement. And its Mexican restaurant, La Herradura, welcomed as patrons the local prosecuting attorney, the sheriff and his deputies, the mayor and his State Patrol colleagues, local judges, and all members of the community.”

Trial is set for September 16. You can read more about the case and Domina’s legal brief here.

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