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North Platte Doctors Sentenced for Tax Evasion

North Platte Doctors Sentenced for Tax Evasion

George Lauby for the North Platte Bulletin wrote an article on the North Platte doctors case (PWA Farms Inc. v. North Platte State Bank). Dr. Michael Koning was sentenced to five years' probation and fines for these charges along with a string of other doctors involved in this case. The Internet Revenue Service (IRS) had been investigating this case for seven years until the investigation culminated into federal income tax evasion charges, to which they all pled guilty. Dr. Koning, the main defendant in this case, was sent to Saipan as a part of his probation to work at a commonwealth hospital earning $200,000 a year. Attorney David Domina was quoted in this article saying that the Saipan hospital is both understaffed and underequipped to pay its employees.

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