Historic Auction Occurs In Tekamah, NE

Historic Auction Occurs In Tekamah, NE

Robert Sklenar, a long time salvage yard operator near Tekamah, Nebraska was regarded as a shrewd businessman. For over 40 years, he owned and operated a salvage and repair business that had accumulated approximately 2,200 vehicles, which he parked all over his land just west of Tekamah.

With his vehicles lining both sides of Highway 32, many regarded his operation as an eyesore. Robert regarded it as his livelihood. Numerous county officials tried over the years to force him to clean up his property, but he successfully resisted all efforts, even when the government filed suit against him. His eclectic collection of cars, trucks, city busses, tractor-trailers, military vehicles, and farm equipment continued to grow.

It took Robert's death in late 2004 to start the process of cleaning up the land, but family disputes and litigation stalled the clean-up effort for over a year. Domina Law Group pc llo patiently and steadfastly represented the estate's personal representative as a disinherited heir mounted three law suits against the estate, all of which were successfully defended.

Arrangements made by Domina Law Group pc llo and the estate's personal representative led to perhaps the largest auction the City of Tekamah has experienced when, on June 29, 2006, all 2,200 items on the Sklenar property were sold in the center of town. "I am sure this event will bring a sense of closure to a controversial, but colorful chapter in Tekamah's history," said Domina Law Group pc llo lawyer James F. Cann who represents the estate's personal representative. "We will focus now on continuing administration of the estate, finding a buyer for the real estate, and guiding our client through any other legal issues that come up in this very interesting estate," he said.

July 07, 2006
James F. Cann

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