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David Domina: Holding Opioid Makers Accountable on the Good Law | Bad Law Podcast

David Domina

David Domina talked with Aaron Freiwald, host of the Good Law | Bad Law podcast about the National Opioids Crisis.

The podcast is devoted to national multidistrict litigation by Tribal Governments, States, and Municipalities to hold Big Pharma accountable.

Dave represents all Native American tribes in Nebraska, including the Ponca Tribe, Omaha Tribe, Winnebago Tribe, and the Santee Sioux Nation and Tribes in other States as well.
“I also had an opportunity about a year and a half ago to close down an exploitive liquor sales establishment just into Nebraska across the South Dakota border that had been exploiting two Native American tribes,” Dave said when asked about his longstanding relationship with the Native American tribes in the area. “It was probably closing down those liquor sales that led all four of these tribes to decide that they wanted me to help with this opioids issue.”

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