Case Against Domina Law Group pc llo Client Dismissed

Case Against Domina Law Group pc llo Client Dismissed

In a major pre-trial victory, Domina Law Group pc llo sought and achieved dismissal of all claims against its client in federal court. The client facilitated a sale of preconditioned feeder calves between a seller in Kentucky, and a buyer in southwest Minnesota. When buyer filed suit alleging the client and other defendants made misrepresentations and breached warranties, Domina Law Group pc llo consulted with a local feedlot veterinarian and mounted an aggressive, and ultimately successful, defense.

Domina Law Group pc llo conducted numerous witness interviews and document requests to gather the facts. Its lawyers and paraprofessionals organized and analyzed extensive feedlot records, veterinarian records, vaccination programs, and feedlot management protocols. Numerous depositions and careful legal research enabled its lawyers to file dismissal motions which were granted, and ultimately ended the case for the law firm's client.

James F. Cann, who handled the case said, "Dismissal is the right result. Our client did nothing wrong here and we proved it."

July 07, 2006
James F. Cann

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